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Point to Point Wireless

What is RIPL?

Typical Point to Point radio

RIPL is a radio network link between two or more sites using either Microwave and Millimeter wave with data rates from 1Mbps to over 2Gbps depending on the technology used, distance and obstacles. The RIPL package includes a desktop survey which is free of charge to determine if a link is viable or not, installation services, including access platforms as required, radio hardware, full project management, all H&S documents, installation reports and one year of NBD maintenance break fix cover and most importantly NO EXCESS CHARGES, ever.

b5l.png Connecting sites with Microwave radio

Recently, we have seen an ever-increasing use of wireless technologies to connect remote sites into LAN’s & WAN’s. A RIPL solution eliminates the need for expensive ground digs and the associated excess charges usually levied by carriers. Delivery is typically less than two weeks, to see a full product description download our RIPL Spec Sheet.

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